Remy, United Kingdom

I stole once from my boss and I’m glad I did it!

Naomi, Ireland

Sometimes, I close my eyes and in my mind, I scream at the top of my voice – more often than not it prevents me from strangling someone *grin*

Drishti, India

I was a drug addict in high school – until today nobody close to me knows

Mo, United Kingdom

I hate my life.

Farida, United Kingdom

I lied about a guy and got him beat up by my brother when I was young. I feel awful about it.

John, United Kingdom

I actually like rom-coms but act like I don’t when I’m with my mates… lame secret, LOL!

J.P., United Kingdom

I once spent a whole week in bed when I was depressed – thank you to the wrong number that saved me.

Alpha, United Kingdom

I hate losing and sometimes I lie about it so I look good… there, I said it.

R., United Kingdom

My biggest regret is not asking Caroline out on a date when I had the opportunity 🙁

Joanne, United Kingdom

I married my second choice, and I am so happy I did!