Pierre Labuschagne, South Africa

I’d like to have my own wine estate somewhere near Stellenbosch and export wines from South Africa all over the world.

Gail Stone, United Kingdom

I’d like to become a famous singer and everyone should know my name!

David, United Kingdom

I wish I could retire by 40 so I can travel around the world on my yacht (which I will be able to buy by then!)

Rose, United Kingdom

I’d like to find the man of my dreams – soon………..!

Radica Dvorakova, United Kingdom

I would just like a happy family life in the future with many children, dogs and of course horses.

Neil, Canada

I’d like to land creative job that allows me to travel a lot – perhaps as a writer or musician.

Maggie, United Kingdom

I dream of opening a little coffee shop in the Cotswolds – somewhere for people to escape to for a short while