Michelle Summers, United Kingdom

I would love to win the UK lottery – but failing that, peace on earth will do!

Garima Mohan, India

I hope that I’ll find a kind husband that will take care of me and my mother.

Mary, United Kingdom

I wish I could reach out to other disabled people like myself and inspire them with my story. People less able have a right to be happy and there is no reason why they should not be!

Rachael, United Kingdom

I hope to qualify with flying colours and to be a very successful criminal lawyer in London in the future

Michelle Beige, United States

To be the best mother to my new child

P, United Kingdom

I want to wake up one morning and discover I have a superpower of some sort – maybe the ability to control space and time 🙂

Jason Stapleton, United Kingdom

I want to start an internet business that gets bought by facebook or google for billions of quid. If it happens I promise to invite the owners of this site to my private island to celebrate!

Amit, India

I would like to live in US for some time and return back to India very rich

John Petersen, United States

I am 12 and I would like to be an astronaut one day

Meghan C., Canada

I would like to quit my job as an accountant and start up a successful Indian restauarant with a difference… something funky and fresh!