Changing Daily(Marie), United States

I write poetry, it’s one thing I am good at, so I have been typing up encouraging poetry, printing it out, and leaving a copy of a poem on a windshield of someone’s car. I then walk away, as quietly and non-conspicuously. People deserve to know they are loved. So I write either a poem or a random note of encouragement, whatever may be on my mind. I leave it where someone is bound to find it. I think it will help people to know they are loved and they don’t even realize that a stranger’s life can be affected by their life.

Michelle Summers, United Kingdom

I would love to win the UK lottery – but failing that, peace on earth will do!

Peng, United Kingdom

I have a fear of heights that I can’t seem to overcome

Garima Mohan, India

I hope that I’ll find a kind husband that will take care of me and my mother.

G, India

I eat chocolate when I’m sad – last year I ate kilos…..

Mary, United Kingdom

I wish I could reach out to other disabled people like myself and inspire them with my story. People less able have a right to be happy and there is no reason why they should not be!

Ant, United Kingdom

I pretended I was sick to avoid visitng my in-laws – I probably would have really been sick had I gone so no regrets here!

Rachael, United Kingdom

I hope to qualify with flying colours and to be a very successful criminal lawyer in London in the future

P, United Kingdom

Sometimes, I feel very lonely – even though I’m in a long term relationship

Juan, South Africa

I just realised that there are so few people in the world that I can really count on… thanks Emrie and JJ – I appreciate you!